No one rescued the whale!

Are you ready? I am going to get real personal and intense.  I want you to know it is hard. If you have every been a beached whale you will truly understand it.

During the whole process of starting this adventure, I had a family member who had a brain tumor removed. As he is learned how to do EVERYTHING over again we have been at the hospital many hours.

Sadly the family member does not remember my name. I am the “fat chick” or the “blob” or some other insulting term.  I know the person loves and cares for me, and the truth is that is what the person sees.  I smiled. I participated.  Then I went to my car and cried in solitude.

What is the point in crying? It did not take one pound away? It really didn’t help or make me feel a bit better. Seriously, I was then just the fat chick with swollen red eyes and a runny nose. Am I the only beached whale that cries and knows it is useless?

Here I am broken hearted pouring out my soul to no one. Dang


Great news! It can only get better.

The pedometer experiment was an interesting beginning. I did not even reach the sedentary level. I guess that means I am “only mostly dead”.  Of course, this reminded me of a great performance.

Not to worry! I did get my 24 ounces of water in yesterday and that was fantastic.  So here is the plan for the today.

  1. 32 ounces of water
  2. 1500 steps
  3. check into fit bit
  4. Set up a play list of good dancing music
  5. Keep a good attitude and find some friends

Finding friends is probably the hardest part. I am completely baffled about how people online to communicate with. I guess I just have to be hopeful that someone will stumble across this and let people know that this beached whale is parked right here.

Splash on over.



One giant step

Here’s the deal. I am, above all a realistic, and I am also obese. I am not proud of it. I offer no excuses. I personally let this happen from neglect. Still, I am a real person, with real feelings. I don’t love being this way, but still, it is what it is.

Since I have a passion for writing and great need to get healthy, I am hoping by combining the two, I will have some success.

The truth is, there is no Beached Whale Club, but there should be. I am just here in my home. I am living with and among the interesting things that come with feeling like a beached whale. All of this and I am going public! This should interesting if nothing else. So maybe someone will find me and there should be a club, quite frankly we need to support each other. We need others to love and support us as well.

There is really no way to know why someone has excess weight. In the case of my friend Mike, chemotherapy simply “blew him up”. People expected things to go the other way and were shocked when he returned to work. People who had not met him before his leave just thought he was heavy. Does the reason matter?

This is not a blog about excuses. It is about a journey. The more interaction on the journey, the more lives and people can be touched. Isn’t that why we are on this planet? I could be confused about that as well!

Here we are, day one and I need to make some plans and maybe some friends will find me!


I need a base line. Today I am going to fix the pedometer and do what I normally do. That is my base line. I know I need to drink more water. Since it is usually “zero” I am going to shoot for 24 ounces, you may think it is low, but really I am at zero!

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